Buck's Pool Service Inc.

Crytal clear and inviting pools. A hallmark of Bucks Pools on Oahu.

Problem free pool and spa maintenance, equipment sales and repair and expert support is what Bucks Pool Service is all about. Bucks Pool & Spa Service has the reliability and expertise recognized by many of Oahu's pool owners as service and reliability that is second to none.

Work with us and let us show you what "Pool Care" really means. We guarantee top-notch comprehensive pool service to insure your pool and/or spa are well-maintained and ready for your enjoyment every day!

If dependable, competent, thorough or superb aren't words synonymous with your current pool service, let Bucks Pools help you make the change you'll not regret.

Send us an email with any questions or for a quote for pool cleaning, pool or spa services and pool maintenance needs.

Buck's Pools services both residential and commercial pools and spas in Oahu areas and would be happy to provide a quote for services at your convenience.

Our Work

Weekly maintenance by the island's most trained and knowledgeable staff. We will keep your pool completely sanitary, chemically balanced to perfection and the water crystal clear.

Who We Are

We are Oahu's most respected pool service company with over 20 years of experience. Providing both residential and commercial services, Buck's Pool service has the expertise to provide complete customer satisfaction.

What We Do

* Pool and spa maintenance
* Repair services
* Piping and plumbing
* Heaters, motors and pumps
* Tile repair


Buck's Pool Service Inc.
P.O. Box 386
Kailua, HI 96734

Phone: 808.261.3157

Email: info@buckspools.com

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